Big Brothers Episode 12: JC The Comp Beast / Phone Call with Haleigh’s Friend Bethany

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Spoiler Alert!

The Big Brothers are here to guide you through season 20 and here we are all the way out Final 3! Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) couldn’t be in studio today but called in to give predictions on what Final 2 will be and how this game will end.

The guest for today isn’t a former houseguest or affiliate of the show, it is actually a friend of Haleigh’s from back home named Bethany. Bethany was glad to call in and give her take on the game watching her friend compete and what shocked her the most about seeing her friend on TV. She also gives some insight on Haleigh’s past relationships and if Fessy was a surprise choice for Haleigh in this game.

Other Topics on Today’s Big Brothers

  • Can JC Win this game?
  • Does everyone deserve a spot at Final 3 right now and does everyone have their own case to win the game?
  • Is the Jury too bitter or is what we saw a good indicator that we may get a really fair vote?
  • If Tyler were to win the final HoH is there any way he can screw over Kaycee and take JC which would be the smarter game move.
  • Even though they seemed to have dropped the ball in their most important HoH yet, is L6 (or L3 at this point) still one of the greatest alliances in Big Brother history or does this really put a dent in their resume?
  • What is everyone’s argument to why they deserve to win? Can you still win this game being a cut throat player or do you have to be nice?
  • The evolution of the game style of Big Brother
  • Kaycee vs Janelle: Best Female Houseguest
  • Big Brother 21 Casting Promo … Big Brother will return! (It seems)
  • Tyler being Adam’s Tofurkey of the Week
  • Does Adam see Kaycee being a bitter jury member like he was at the time if she gets sent home by Tyler in a cut throat move?
  • Kaycee’s Jokers ranking

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