Big Brothers Episode 11! Paul’s Pack Of Dogs Bark At The Jury House

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Big Brothers 11!

Spoiler Alert!


The Big Brother season is winding down and season 19 is almost all wrapped up with our newest addition to the Big Brother winner’s circle. We finally got to visit the jury house which we may be the most bitter jury of all time. In what should not be a surprise to anyone, Cody isn’t taking the responsibility of being a member of the Big Brother Jury too seriously and is refusing to take part in the process. He called Matt a “pussy” and attempted to storm off.

Raven is still completely oblivious to the fact that she was screwed over and is convinced her alliance with Paul never died out and she was, in fact, the “puppet master”.  When she said this, all of the other house guests began to laugh at her expense (and directly in her face) and point out how ridiculous her statements were.

Inside the Big Brother house (which is unfortunately, way less entertaining) Paul has continued to be the top dog without even a bump in the road. He’s been unstoppable in the competitions in these last weeks. Possibly, the only thing in his way is the fact that he may have overplayed and Josh has been spilling some proverbial tea in his goodbye messages.

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The guys also talked to Adam Poch (BB13) on the phone about his rankings and Tofurkey (Christmas) for this week of Big Brother!

Check out Adam’s rankings each week where he ranks every house guest with strips of bacon if they’re good and tofu if they’re bad.

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