Big Brothers! The Boys Are Back!

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It’s a new season of Big Brother and the guys from the Holding Kompany have re-branded themselves for Big Brother 19 as the “Big Brothers”. “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley, two self-proclaimed Big Brother experts will attempt to guide you from what Julie Chen is calling “The season of temptation”. The guys loved the exclusive online Over The Top cast in their first season covering the competition. Now find out where they stack this Big Brother 19 cast up against the likes of their favorite OTT house guests like Shelby, Justin and Scott.

Don’t keep reading if you don’t want any spoilers…but one of Season 18’s fan favorites and Mr. Second Place “your boy” Paul returned to the house as this season’s vet player. Be aware though, it definitely seemed like the main reason he came back was so producers could have him hand out friendship bracelets as part of a competition.

Chris proclaimed his love for this season’s “old man”, Kevin from Boston. He’s the man with 7 kids who took the $25,000 temptation prize on the first episode (which brought Paul back into the house). Will this be Chris’ new Scott “The Virgin King” this season? “Power of” Vito is already calling him Kevin Boogie because of his odd resemblance to Big Brother legend to Mike Boogie.

The “Big Brothers” each give their Final 2 predictions. They give two each. One, they are very confident in and one, they think is also a possibility. “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley also got into the early psychology of the season and who they thought was also playing the game right and wrong.

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