Big Brothers Are Back With BB20 Episode 1!

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Big Brothers 1!

Spoiler Alert!

Big Brothers: Episode 1 – Surfing The Web Like It’s Windows ‘95

The Big Brothers, “Power of” Vito Calise and Chris Stanley are back for season 20 and they’ve added a new sibling, Adam Poch (Big Brother 13). Adam was on his way to Disney World so could only do a quick phone call (that Chris Stanley didn’t seem too happy about) but Adam will be more involved in episodes to come.

Season 20 is looking great to start. There are NO returning Houseguests, which is a positive after 2 seasons of returnees and the disaster that was the Paul run house of season 19. These Houseguests want to win the game, there doesn’t seem to be anyone right now who is just hoping to “make jury”.

This episode of the show is more of a preview for the season. The feeds just started the night before but the boys wanted to get you an episode ASAP. Once the season gets more underway Big Brothers will be the best place for you to go and see what’s happening on the live feeds and what everyone on the internet is saying.

Vito’s pick for the BB20 winner is Tyler, Adam’s is Winston and Chris chose JC. Only one of them can be right, and sorry JC, but history proves that’s not usually Chris Stanley. Towards the end of the episode Vito and Chris give some quick rundowns of every Houseguest with the general consensus being this is a great cast, so kudos to you Robyn Kass!

For once Vito and Chris agree on something, and that is how stupid this year’s “technology” theme comes off. Vito is basically a child who said he is entertained by robot Sam, but for the most part both Big Brothers think we would be better off just having a “Big Brother 2 – 11” themed season, real gameplay, more grounded competitions and less focused on Showmances.

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