Amy Schumer Gets The Big One– The Cover of Vogue, and Brings Along Some Friends

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Chalk up another big cover for , and a big photoshoot for some comedy friends you might not expect to see in Vogue magazine.

In an expansive interview covering territory old and new and an accompanying photo shoot around Central Park, Amy Schumer heads the latest cover of “Vogue” which is notoriously considered to be the biggest cover in fashion, and would vie with Rolling Stone as the biggest “get” in the magazine cover biz. Photographed once again by Annie Leibovitz, can it be long before these two collaborate on a book?

Catering to her talents, the feature also includes a sketch co-starring “Vogue” editor Anna Wintour and the less-than-unique Parent Trap-style premise of “What if we switched lives?” The comedienne discusses the topics most famous comedians are asked about, influences and beginnings as well as her uniquely meteoric, ubiquitous career and having fans like Hillary Clinton.

The interview paints Schumer as amicable and her bluntness as genuine, without exposing the age-old shtick of “celebrities, they’re just like us!” There’s paragraphs of assurances on Schumer’s sizzling chemistry and seemingly cruel banter with her sister, a writer on “Inside Amy Schumer”, and proof of what a good friend Amy is by moving in her best friend and fellow stand-up after a nasty break up or having her brother’s jazz group open her shows. The article proceeds to highlight Schumer’s incredible work ethic: a necessity in standing out from the plethora of comedians bombarding the scene. Her forays into new ventures, such as authorship and following “Trainwreck” by writing another film, this one co-starring Goldie Hawn. There’s also emphasis on her stadium-size pull for stand-up shows, all of which lead up to the first performance of any female stand-up at Madison Square Garden. Although Schumer’s latest special aired on HBO just shy of a year ago in October and this appearance will take place in late June, it’s difficult to believe this Madison appearance won’t also be filmed and distributed.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.33.29 PMSchumer’s “Vogue” interview is great for readers who want to feel like Amy’s their best bud and Jennifer Lawrence is running a few minutes late meeting them for coffee. Some statements are hyperbolic, like that Schumer is changing the rules of the game. Sure, she’s breaking vertical, glass-encased boundaries, but the trajectory of her career from stand up to television to films isn’t a new one. Her memoir, albeit probably funny and honest or however it’s marketed, will join the ranks of personal essays penned by names dominating entertainment. It’s an effective, convincing interview that’s as polished as Schumer’s photographs.

Bonus: There’s also a fantastic photo of Amy with friends and fellow comics , , , , and at the Comedy Cellar and shot by Annie Leibovitz that’s pretty great. While we’re not surprised to see and Bridget Everett on the pages of Vogue, we can honestly say we never expected to see Keith, Colin and Jim   Click here to check it out.

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