Adam Sandler’s Movie Is Getting Unrelated Videos Yanked

If you already thought “Pixels” is an abomination of a movie, here’s something that’ll make you hate it more. A sweeping copyright claim by Columbia Pictures is getting any video pulled from the internet if it has the word “pixels” in it. According to Kotaku:

The video “Pantone Pixels,” published in 2011, was an independent art project that used a swath of colors to illustrate a picture of the creator’s parents. Last week, Vimeo took it down. Turns out it was too similar to “Pixels,” a 2015 movie starring Adam Sandler…This DMCA trolling also swayed Vimeo into removing several indie films including a Machinima video from 2010 and a 2006 video by an independent museum called NeMe.

So there you go: people are getting their hard work banned from the internet because they’re supposedly too similar to Pixels. Less similar, by the way, than the 2002 Futurama episode “Raiders Of The Lost Arcade.”

Read more at Kotaku.

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