7 Fictional Colleges From Sitcoms and Comedy Movies You Wish You Applied To

On this list, you will find 7 different fictional colleges from different sitcoms and comedy movies. These 7 movies and shows used the setting of college better than the rest between storylines, set pieces and what these characters were actually doing in college. These 7 schools would have definitely been at the top of your list.

Faber College
From: Animal House

Why: Animal House started the whole college comedy movie genre, without this film, it probably would have been another 20 years of coming of age high school movies. A big part of college is figuring out who you really are. Go to Faber and find out if you are the clean-cut ROTC type and join Omega Theta Pi OR unleash your inner beast and join the nonstop partying at Delta Tau Chi. You could say Faber College invented the “Theme Party” craze back in the 60’s when they got Otis Day and The Knights to perform live at their Toga Party. Faber also has a pretty fantastic homecoming parade that never disappoints.

Hillman College
From: A Different World

Why: Don’t be scared to attend historically black Hillman College if you are white, take notice of the white students on campus (although there’s not many, and it seems most drop out after freshman year). If you don’t already know, Hillman was the school where Denise Huxtable spun-off from The Cosby Show and even after she left, A Different World became a beloved sitcom on its own and creating more interest in historically black colleges or universities.

The University of Los Angeles
From: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Why: School stores are usually the worst, it’s just over-priced garbage with your school’s name on it that for the most part, are just worn by freshmen and given to family members as gifts. Not at this school though, here, not only is their food served at an outdoor cafe that everyone loves to go, but Tyra Banks is managing the store. Looking for the frat scene? Join Phi Beta Gamma, then the school’s black frat. Bel-Air Academy was the high school where the Fresh Prince spent his formative years, but they really took advantage of a college setting when Will and Carlton went to The University of Los Angeles using the Peacock Shop set piece as the new hangout for everyone on the show. The college also produced some of the series best moments like Carlton getting kidnapped in his peacock costume or the black frat episode.

From: Boy Meets World

Why: It is tough for a show like Boy Meets World to move onto the college years, especially since the high school setting was such a large part of the show and Mr. Feeny specifically was super important to the dynamic of the series. Well, the creators remembered it’s their show and they could do whatever they want and just had Feeny go along with everyone else for the ride to Pennbrook College. The Pennbrook years were a great way to end a series so many people grew up with and with Boy Meets World, a show that was on for so long, a lot of kids went to college with the show.

Greendale Community College
From: Community

Why: This NBC sitcom ended its run on Yahoo after a run as a beloved show that took on different pop culture tropes in hilarious parody episodes. Greendale would be great to go to if you’re not ready to go to one of the bigger private or state schools. Don’t even worry about it. Use Greendale to pump up those grades, build your transcript and possibly transfer over in a few semesters. While you’re here, maybe take Spanish with Señor Chang, just be careful of the yearly paintball war that overtakes the school. The worst part of going to Greendale though is the study group that always takes up that table in the library like they own the place.

Blue Mountain State
From: Blue Mountain State

Why: This show spent 3 seasons on Spike before getting canceled and later resurrected with a crowdfunded movie. Right off the bat, going to a school with a National Championship football team looks like the most fun thing in the world. It just equals non-stop parties, tailgates and a legitimate reason to be proud of the school you attend. The main place to hang out is “The Goat House” where the football team lives. Your best memories of going here (other than football games) would be “Marathon Monday” where students attempt to binge drink for 24 hours straight.

Port Chester University
From: PCU

Why: You don’t have to look too far to see all the similarities between PCU and Animal House. The creators definitely used the latter as a form of inspiration for this cult classic. This school could take the number one spot just based off of live music alone. What other college could give you an intimate live performance from George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic? If you don’t have any interest in joining a fraternity, but definitely want to be in some sort of clique, then this school is perfect for you. Hang out with the party bros over in The Pit, the preppy guys over at “Balls and Shaft”, smoke some pot at “Jerrytown” or choose one of the other many options.

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