50 Cent Shows Up to Honor Comedian Lord at New York Comedy Club Tribute Show

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One of our own passed away suddenly last month, a great guy who went by the name of Comedian Lord. Lord was a very kind, gentle soul who was also very funny, gracious and encouraging and always had a positive word for all his fellow comedians.

A show was held in Lord’s honor at New York Comedy Club produced by Matt Bridgestone and Kenny Warren and to say it was an amazing show would do it an injustice.  The room was packed and several members of Lord’s family attended.  Many comics eulogized him briefly after their sets. I plan to write about it more in my column for next week, but it was a cavalcade of talent, many of whom I hadn’t seen before but everyone totally brought it.

Earlier that day, I had gotten a “secret text” alerting me to the fact that 50 Cent might be attending.  I happen to LOVE “Fitty” and keep his music as one of the constant CDs that plays in my car.  I still like to play “In Da Club”, one of the best party songs of all time that got over 376 MILLION views on YouTube.  And just when I thought I might leave because even I get tired of laughing at some point, I walked out into the street and ran into Matt Richards one of the funniest, fastest, and nicest guys in the game who told me he was going up and when I told him that I had seen Fitty take a seat with two girls all the way in the back corner, he told me that he was the one who invited him.

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So I went back in to watch Matt do a killer set, and stayed till the very end of the show at which time Fitty came out and mingled with the comics and fans.  It seems that he and Matt are working on a secret comedy project for TV that he was not able to divulge as of yet, but the very next night I was in the green room of Gotham Comedy Club waiting to make my national TV stand-up debut on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, along with Janelle James, and very coincidentally she told me she’s writing on the show.  How cool is that?

Fitty is a huge dude.  I didn’t expect him to be that big.  He looks really jacked.  I could almost see how he could handle nine bullets! (LOL)  And I was glad I got to tell him how much I enjoyed his music and that he really changed the game.  He hung out for quite a while, and it was a very fitting and special night to honor Comedian Lord.

I was gratified to see the outpouring of love.  I had no idea that so many people felt about him the way I did.  He would always introduce himself as if I had never met him before, and I must admit that I’ve done the same thing because I never take for granted that certain people know me.  It came across as great humility on his part.  For my part it’s usually my ADD and bad memory.  I’ve actually introduced myself to someone I had been dating! (Wish that wasn’t true!, but it was a long time ago!)

R.I.P Lord, you are already greatly missed!

50 Cent, Aarona Lopez, Matt Richards

50 Cent, Aarona Lopez, Matt Richards

Jeffrey Gurian and 50 Cent

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