The 5 Things I Learned From Unmasked With Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies sat down with Ron Bennington for the latest episode of Unmasked to promote his new show “The Jim Jefferies Show” airing on Comedy Central tonight at 10:30 PM. While on the show, Jefferies did not hold back at all and so here are 5 things we learned from the comic.

Not Only Is There A New Robin Hood Movie Coming Out, But He Turned Down A Role In It

Jefferies doesn’t think he looks like what people consider a movie star, yet he was “basically offered” a role in an upcoming Robin Hood movie starring “The kid from the Kingsman playing young Robin Hood, I heard Jamie Foxx is in there, I heard Benicio del Toro is going to play the villain or something…” but when asking who he would play in the movie, he found out it would be Friar Tuck, “one of the ugliest characters in cinematic history” according to Jefferies.

His Dream Guest On The Jim Jefferies Show Is James Comey

While the obvious answer to the question of who his dream guest would be is Donald Trump, which Jefferies acknowledged, he also said “Comey would be fantastic because there is a movie coming out summer of 2018 called ‘Comey'” because he cost Hilary the election and might cost Donald Trump the Presidency.

He Believes “Donald Trump Produces Two Types Of Kids”

While Jim doesn’t think Barron is the “brightest” for actually thinking his father’s head got cut off by Kathy Griffin, but we should wait 4 years till he is about 15 years old. Jefferies goes on to say that “Donald Trump produces two kinds of kids. Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump are those sort of maniacal, ‘I’m gonna rule the world,’ very switched on, intelligent. Then there’s Eric and Tiffany”.

Piers Morgan Tried To Trash Him To JK Rowling

After him and Piers Morgan had it out on Bill Maher’s Real Time and Harry Potter author JK Rowling applauded Jefferies for calling out Piers on the show, Morgan tried to send Rowling a clip of Jefferies making a “pedophile” joke and bash him. Instead of everyone turning on Jim, fans blew it off because “that’s just Jim” and they already know and appreciate his sense of humor.

Respects Melania Trump For Getting Out Of Slovenia … Orally

Jim mentions that he went to Slovenia, to Melania Trump’s hometown and he too “would suck an old man’s dick to get out of that town”. Jefferies goes on to state how Slovenia is “shit”, but it’s only a two-hour drive from Venice and Jim doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t just go there.

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