16 Comedy Fans Share Their Favorite JFL Moments 2018


Just for Laughs is the biggest comedy festival in the world with over 100 shows to attend every night. We had plenty of favorite moments of our own. Watching New York comics vs Los Angeles Comics in The Great Debate panel, seeing Kevin Hart drop in on Big Jay Oakerson’s WYFD show, talking with the Gatekeepers of Comedy, seeing Jourdain Fisher kill at New Faces, hearing Scott Thompson talk about being in a school shooting on The Benson Interruption, seeing Andy Kindler deliver his best State of the Industry address yet. But nobody can see all the shows and even with a team up in Montreal, we couldn’t begin to scratch the surface, so we sent Vito Calise out to talk to fans and find out what their favorite moments at JFL’s 35th Festival were. Looks like Brad Williams may have stolen the festival again. Here are the picks:

Bonnie From Lynne, Mass: The Great Debate NY vs LA

Favorite Moment: The Great Debate (NY vs LA), it was hysterical. I love how there’s always a festival vibe right outside These shows have been so intimate, the comedians were hysterical, Doug Benson and Jimmy … oh my god … I think the New York guys really stepped up. New York was the real winner.


Joanne From Montreal: Howie Mandel Gala

I have been attending JFL for the last 36 years, I go to many shows. This year we were very surprised by the new faces. Every comedian was super funny. We loved Jimmy Carr last night, fantastic show, he didn’t disappoint for one second. Howie! Oh my god, Howie blew the house at his Gala, it was wonderful.

Satonya From Massachusettes: The Nasty Show

My favorite show was the Nasty Show, just because it was a lot of variety and everyone was hilarious. Robert Kelly and Brad Williams were super funny, and Brad is staying on my floor in the hotel so I get to see him too and that’s pretty cool.

Karl From Burlington, Vermont: New Faces Unrepped

My favorite moment of the festival happened at New Faces Unrepped last night. One of the comedians that went on used a word that an audience member didn’t like and the audience member yelled out “not cool” during his set, and he stumbled a little but finished his set strong. The host came out, Alonzo Bodden, he said “it’s not cool to yell out not cool during a comics set. it doesn’t matter if you don’t like what they say you gotta respect the work that they do and let them do their thing”. That got a big applause. That was a pretty cool moment to see that happen during a festival to a comic and then have the host come back on and really defend the comedy and being allowed to say what you want to say.

Paul From Dublin: Meeting Ron Bennington, Jimmy Carr and Colin Quinn

I came here from Ireland. My favorite moment of the Festival was meeting Ron Bennington, that’s why I came here in the first place. Jimmy Carr and Colin Quinn were great as well.

Josh From California The Great Debate

My name’s Josh, we’re here from California. We’re actually on our Honeymoon. The coolest show was coming in yesterday and getting in yesterday to see the great comedy debate. We had looked for weeks to try and figure out how to get tickets.

Lesley From Austin, Texas: Stand Up On the Spot

The best experience I had was watching Stand Up on The Spot in front of the free crowd outside. It was really fun seeing those people not expect what they were getting into.

Nadia From Massachusetts Gary Gulman

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was Gary Gulman. I thought he was hilarious, I had never seen him before. I was on this trip as a guest, and meeting new comics and now he’s one of my favorite comics. I loved it a lot.

Dan From Boston: Michael Ian Black and Nick Thune

Seeing Michael Ian Black and Nick Thune was great. Nick Thune hocked a loogie on stage and I thought that was really funny.

Phillip From Montreal Brad Williams

The best thing I’ve seen at the festival was Brad Williams at a Strip Club, the Cleopatra, he said you will all have the best story of the night, you saw a dwarf, at a strip club, doing standup.

Graham From Nova Scotia: Kevin Hart

My favorite moment was seeing Kevin Hart last night, it was really funny. It was at the hockey arena, there were tons of people there. It made me laugh the whole time.

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Kelly From Montreal: Seeing Trevor Noah at a Restaurant

My favorite thing about the Festival is seeing celebrities in their natural habitats at restaurants. I saw Trevor Noah at a restaurant on a terrace and he is just as beautiful in person as he is on TV.

Josh From Toronto: Maria Bamford

My favorite part of the festival was seeing Maria Bamford. It was fucking hilarious, she did a great job, she killed it.

Tessa From Montreal: Neal Brennan

My favorite moment was seeing Neal Brennan and laughing so hard that I could feel the therapeutic laugh within me and go “oh wow this is really healthy for me”

Jeren From Montreal: The Netflix Party

Favorite Moment: The Netflix Party, simply because it was an open bar .. alcohol and comedians are the best things ever. I saw Russel Peters there.

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