15 Comedy Fans Share Their Favorite JFL Moments 2017


Just for Laughs is the biggest comedy festival in the world with over 100 shows to attend every night. We had plenty of favorite moments of our own. Watching our buddies rock Montreal at the outdoor stage at the Goddamn Comedy Jam was a highlight, as was producing our own show at the fest- Comedy 101– for the first time ever, and Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry address is always a highlight. Nobody can see all the shows and even with a team up in Montreal, we couldn’t begin to scratch the surface, so we sent Vito Calise out to talk to fans and find out what their favorite moments at JFL’s 35th Festival were. The general consensus seems to be that the most talked about show of the fest was Jim Carrey’s appearance at the I’m Dying Up Here panel. Absolutely unforgettable. Here are the picks:

Kevin Kruppa: Ari Shaffir’s Storytelling Show

My name is Kevin Kruppa, I’ve been coming to the festival for the last six or seven years. I would have to say favorite part is getting fucked up with everyone, eating amazing food, networking. Favorite moment of the festival would probably be Tuesday night at Ari Shaffir’s (Renamed) Storytelling Show. I was expecting to only see Ari super-stoned and talking about his life for an hour and he ended up bringing 5 other comics- Bryan Callen, Ali Siddiq, Tom Segura– it was a really cool experience and I’ll definitely be back next year.

Peter Wheeland: DeAnne Smith

Peter Wheeland. I’m from Montreal. My favorite part was DeAnne Smith who is from Montreal and does an excellent, excellent show. She’s brilliant, she’s funny, she’s approachable. She’s just a great improviser and she works really well with the crowd, and I get the feeling you could go see the same show the next night and it’s going to be completely different and you’re going to be just as entertained.

Mark Donahue: I’m Dying Up Here Panel

My name is Mark Donohue and my favorite part of the festival was Jim Carrey’s panel last night for I’m Dying Up Here. It was really hilarious. Great to see Jim Carrey in person, he’s comedy legend and great to see him appearing with the cast.

Jeff Ingram: Comedy 101

Hi, my name is Jeff Ingram. I’m from Orlando, Florida, and I’ve been here at Just for Laughs festival in Montreal. And absolutely enjoyed Comedy 101 because I’ve listened to it from New York and Austin, and seeing it in person is even that much better. And by far, the best festival show I’ve seen so far. I don’t think it can be beat.

Jody: The Ethnic Show

My name is Jody and I’ve been doing these comedy fests for the last 20 years. Yay! So it’s been fun. It started off at the Delta, you just walk around, you meet all of the people, you go to the shows, you meet the comics and then they end up knowing you which is fun. Russell Peters, you bump into him and you’re like “hey dude what’s up?” So it’s fun and all the Canadian comics are really great. I enjoy coming here for sure. This year so far, I met Cedric the Entertainer, but also going to The Ethnic Show. Never laughed so hard in my life. Oh my god. Jessica Kirson is an amazing comic. Saw her last year- she closed off the show this year– excellent. If you have a chance, it’s a must-see for her. A must-see.

Jordan Ullman: Bumping Mics

My name is Jordan Ullman and my favorite moment of the festival- I haven’t seen a lot but, I have to zero in on seeing Dave Attell and Jeff Ross doing Bumping Mics. I missed out on Roast Battle last year, but they were true to form, no holds barred- they just bounced off each other- it was gut busting laughter the entire night. Also, a couple of nice surprises ’cause they had Judd Apatow do a set at the beginning as an opener and Jim Carrey was there in the balcony and they wanted to get him to come down and do a dual roast, he politely refused, but Jeff Ross and Dave Attell really do a great show.

Gary Abrams: Brandon Rogers (New Faces: Creators)

My name is Gary Abrams and my favorite moment was seeing Brandon Rogers. I had never seen him before. He came to one of the shows and they had some excerpts from his internet YouTube stuff. Amazing. The talent, the energy this guy has- amazing. Blew me away. I became a fan immediately.


Hi. This is Becky. It’s been a great festival. Stand out moment was Jim Norton. Hilarious. Great comedy show. He was just like how he is on his podcasts that I’ve heard. It was so good.

Todd From Atlanta: The Nasty Show, Ali Wong, Comedy 101

Hey, this is Todd from Atlanta. I had a great time at Just for Laughs. Nasty Show was great and I think after that, Ali Wong was great. But Comedy 101 was my favorite. Just seeing the comics up close. You can only get that here in Montreal. It’s great.

Manny Aletheru: Mike Patterson Show

My name is Manny Aletheru and my favorite moment of the festival was seeing Mike Patterson and Green Phantom on stage. It was hilarious. It’s going on at Ste Catherine- it’s a free venue. They do a show every night at ten. They would do it for eight days straight and it was the best part of the festival. Tons of energy, tons of laughs, very unique take on comedy. Just the way that this professional wrestler is up on stage with this wacky comedian and how that all blends together. It’s kind of wild. Love it.

Lucy: Superior Donuts

Hi. I’m Lucy Sauro and my favorite part was the Superior Donuts panel. I find that Jermaine is very funny. I find him really funny.

John Zeegler: I’m Dying Up Here Panel

John Zeegler. My favorite part of the festival- I saw the I’m Dying Up Here show last night with Jim Carrey and the cast of the show. That was pretty cool. I like it ’cause I watch the show weekly and they gave their insights into their characters and it was cool because a lot of the actors are not stand ups, so it was cool to hear their perspective on getting into stand up. Plus, Jim Carrey was there and he’s awesome.

Jesse: Chris D’Elia

Hey, my name’s Jessie and I love Just for Laughs! I’m born in Montreal, hanging out here and enjoying all the people. And there’s Chris….I gotta get a picture with him. [He sees Chris D’Elia, runs off to get a photo with him].

Detchy Bellow: Bumping Mics

My name is Detchy Bellow and my favorite part of the festival so far has been the Ross/Attell show. It’s just great seeing those two guys up there going back and forth, cracking jokes at each other and at the crowd. It’s just genius.

Steph: Judd Apatow

Hi. My name is Steph and my favorite moment of the Just for Laughs festival was going last night to the Judd Apatow Netflix taping because…Judd Apatow.

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