Sam and Bill Parody “We Are the World”

Hit comedy music album “Sam and Bill are Huge” has its first single and music video-the 80s style charity anthem “Yes All Men” for all the straight, white men that feel like they’re losing control of a world that was built for them. The music video is straightforward- a small crowd of minority men and women gradually realize Bill Bria (Netflix) and Sam Haft’s (NBC, FX, Funny or Die, College Humor) maudlin song is super hateful and grows disgusted while the singers wrangle a growing choir of straight, white men to back them up. The track isn’t entirely the kind of comedy music that’s catchy enough to listen to for its own merit, but it obviously channels a very real familiar zeitgeist.

Sam and Bill’s performances have an awkward earnestness in the beginning of the video, like comedy from Everything is Terrible! or Tim & Eric’s production company Abso Lutely and a lot of Adult Swim content. Those small details go neglected as the song picks up and reaches the middle and end, with shots mostly returning to the same street corner and interviews with their choir of dudes regurgitating pretty known tropes about the alt-right.  Co-starring Sam Haft, Bill Bria, Shakir Standley, Schäffer the Darklord, Mike Mercadal, Tom Evans, Jon Comulada, and Liz Morgan with Chrissy Loretta, Randi Vanible, Sarah Bedrick.

Sam and Bill are Huge” is the first album for the cover band turned comedy duo and it’s a number one seller on Amazon as well as selling out all pre-orders.

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Rachel Crowe

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