Doug Stanhope Article Called ‘Defamatory’ by Amber Heard’s Lawyers

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TheWrap is reporting that they’ve received a letter from Amber Heard’s lawyer, Peter Sample, accusing them of “celebrity muckraking for profit” and demanding a retraction of an article written by comedian Doug Stanhope, published Sunday.

The guest article was written in defense of Stanhope’s friend, Johnny Depp, and to answer an onslaught of negative press Depp received after Heard alleged she had been the victim of domestic abuse. Stanhope’s article accused the actress of trying to blackmail Depp and claimed he, not she was the victim.  Sample’s letter flat out denied Stanhope’s claims that Heard is lying about domestic abuse, stating “allegations against Ms. Heard are absolutely and unequivocally false,” and called the article defamatory and outrageous.  “It is highly offensive and disturbing that you would choose to publish it in the first place,” Sample wrote to The Wrap.

TheWrap says they will respond to the letter through their legal counsel.

Meanwhile Bill Burr spoke out on his Monday Morning Podcast, giving props to Doug Stanhope for sticking up for Johnny Depp over the weekend.  Burr said he 100% believes that the media should not be allowed to publicize someone’s name in connection with allegations of domestic abuse unless and until that person is convicted. “You should not be putting somebody’s name out there just because somebody said it.”

Burr said about Stanhope, “Of course it was Stanhope.  Stanhope’s a good fucking man.”  Burr added that of course he doesn’t know what happened between Heard and Depp, but he just wanted to give Stanhope “props for actually sticking up for the guy.”  Because of the stigma around domestic abuse issues, Burr said, a lot of people are afraid to speak out, so it was “refreshing” that somebody said “hey, this guy hasn’t been tried for anything yet, he’s a friend of mine, I know he would never do it.”

He also said he likes Johnny Depp. “He’s a big stand up fan, he comes out to shows, he’s humble as hell, one of the most gentle people.”

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