Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: September 15, 2018

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat is hosted by one of today’s hottest comedy stars, Donald Glover!

It would be hard to find an entertainer more popular with the Millennial generation than Donald Glover is right now. The children of the 90s love Glover’s comedy, his television series “Atlanta” on FX, his previous hit sitcom “Community“, and the music from his alter-ego Childish Gambino, who by the way, is also the musical guest on tonight’s SNL rerun.

Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy and American Comedy Award winner Donald Glover was a first-time Saturday Night Live host when this evening’s episode originally aired on May 5, 2018. Glover was promoting his new film “Solo: A Star Wars Story” where he plays a prequel version of the iconic smuggler from a galaxy far, far away, Lando Calrissian. The character was brought to life in the original Star Wars trilogy by the ultra-smooth Billy Dee Williams. Despite, “Solo” having a lighter opening than hoped for by its studio, Disney, the space adventure did hit number one at the box office. Much of the success that the film enjoyed was attributed to Glover’s portrayal of Landon.

This Donald Glover hosted episode of Saturday Night Live has a special place in our hearts here at the Interrobang. This was the show where our own Vito Calise from “Bennington” on SiriusXM’s Faction, did a social experiment for the IBang where he tested his own physical and mental endurance by camping out for 34 hours on a New York City sidewalk in a quest to get stand-by tickets to Saturday Night Live hosted by his comedy hero, Donald Glover. Vito’s entire SNL comedy crusade was documented in a piece we called “Saturday Night Line! One Fan’s Journey to Get Standby Tickets for Saturday Night Live” which you can read and relive with Vito here on the Interrobang.

This Saturday Night Live from May 5, 2018 started with a hysterical cold open crammed with celebrity cameos as just about everyone in the SNL version of Donald Trump’s world appeared in the sketch. It begins with embattled Trump lawyer Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller) trying to coordinate his next move with President Trump (Alec Baldwin) and of course, like everything else in this collusion caper, it gets botched and Cohen is connected on the phone with people from the President’s past and present. This includes a cameo by a certain now-famous porn star. Watch tonight to find out her identity, if you don’t remember it from that night or haven’t figured out our very obvious clue.

Afterward, Glover’s SNL monologue found him reminiscing about years ago when he auditioned for Saturday Night Live early in his career. He walks around Studio 8-H talking to various SNL cast members about their auditions and still trying convince Lorne Michaels that he made a huge mistake by not hiring him after his try-out.

The sketches from that night were described in our Saturday Night Live recap as some of the “most creative and funniest we’ve seen all season, exhibiting a wide range of silliness, originality, smart commentary, and great writing.” Some of our favorites to watch for in tonight’s SNL rerun include Donald Glover as singer Raz P. Berry who takes us inside his sensual, yet ridiculous 80s music video. During the night, Glover also played an inmate working inside a prison customer service call center, a lawyer enthusiastically defending the owners of Jurassic Park in court during their trial for all the murders caused by the park’s escaped dinosaurs, and he appeared in an SNL- Digital Short called “A Kanye Place” which was a movie parody of the thriller “A Quiet Place“, but where terrified victims are picked off by monsters because they can’t stop talking about Kanye West’s controversial tweets. Also, watch for the return of cast member Melissa Villaseñor’s character who is horrible at the dirty bedroom talk. Donald Glover plays her latest paramour who is stunned by what she considers to be sexy things to say in bed. The last time Melissa Villaseñor played this character was now ironically with Aziz Ansari when he hosted SNL last season.

Weekend Update was every bit on target as we’ve come to expect with Colin Jost and Michael Che handling the anchor desk duties. Jost and Che had jokes about Rudy Giuliani coming on board President Trump’s personal legal team, the President’s relationship with Stormy Daniels and Trump’s possible interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. Other than Trump, the Weekend Update guys nailed jokes about puppy drug smuggling, Kim Jong Un’s private toilet, a 7-Eleven store’s way of dealing with the homeless and also be sure to catch Michael Che’s joke about Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump. It was the best line of the night with probably the longest applause break and if you blink, you’ll miss it. Stopping by the WU desk was relationship expert Leslie Jones with a musical visit, talking about the men in her life that she thought she could have rescued with her love. Also, Pete Davidson has an awkward and at times uncomfortable segment where he backhandedly compliments and plugs Colin Jost and Michael Che hosting this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony which air this Monday, September 17th at 8pm on NBC. Saturday Night Live is up for several Emmys this year.

In the promos for tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live, cast member Beck Bennett has a special tribute ready for host Donald Glover. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong! Then, Glover tweets out a quick promo from backstage. Remember, he’s also his own musical guest so he couldn’t do the traditional SNL promo leading up to a live Saturday show.

Tonight’s encore presentation of Saturday Night Live hosted by Donald Glover with musical guest Childish Gambino airs this evening at 11:30pm on NBC.

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