We All Got To Witness Jon Stewart’s Moment Of Zen. The Last Daily Show.

jon stewart

It’s over. After 16 years as host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart ended his legendary run with the show he made an international sensation. For his last show on the air, we had just four segments left with the man who became a news source for an entire generation. Just over an hour with a man who helped shape the opinions of so many people and launched the careers of superstars in the comedy world today.

Dozens of correspondents came back to wish Stewart farewell, including the original host of the Daily Show, Craig Kilborn. Everyone was there – Jordan Klepper, Al Madrigal, Aasif Mandvi, Hasan Minhaj, Jessica Williams, Lewis Black, Kristen Schaal, Dan Bakkedahl, Samantha bee, Steve Carell, Wyatt Cenac, Michael Che, Larry Wilmore, Nate Corddry, Rob Corddry, Josh Gad, Vance DeGeneres, Mo Rocca, Ed Helms, Jason Jones, Gitmo, Darth Vader, Olivia Munn, Rob Riggle, Matt Walsh, Dave Attell, John Hodgman, Trevor Noah, and finally, the new host of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert.

After being thanked by Colbert on behalf of the entire team of correspondents for changing their lives for the better, Stewart went on to show the team behind the scenes that made the Daily Show run every single day. Stewart himself said “It the most beautiful place he’s ever been”.

Before the show came to a stop, Stewart took just a few moments to remind everyone “bullshit is everywhere”. That for the most part, we’re all fed bullshit every single day and the only way to see through it is to be vigilant. And for one last time, he turned to camera three to address the audience and let us know that this isn’t the end, it’s just a pause in the conversation.

In the very end, where Jon threw it to his personal Moment Of Zen, Bruce Springsteen came out to perform Land Of Hope And Dreams into Born To Run.

Remember everyone, Jon Stewart may be off the air, but in the words of the man himself, bullshit is still everywhere.

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