Watch The Unaired “Archer” Pilot – “Archersaurus”


The  “never aired” pilot episode of “Archer” is available online. In the tradition of television shows that undergo major cast changes before a series actually makes it on the air, this specially made episode of “Archer” had a large adjustment before it premiered on TV. The FX animated series originally had a velociraptor in the role of the lead character, ISIS agent Sterling Archer.

In the pilot episode, which isn’t new but we saw it for the first time this week on, everything is exactly the same and so is the rest of the cast as the original first episode, except that a dinosaur is in the title role. As you can see, not a lot would have changed if the raptor had kept the part. Archersaurus still gets the girls, he just can’t keep them. However, instead of those Archer quips, the audience is treated to different guttural dinosaur growls and screams. Enjoy.

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