Watch the Tracy Morgan ESPY’s Monologue that Twitter is Complaining About

Tracy Morgan hosted the 2019 Espy Awards tonight, and not everyone thought Trey was in top form.

He was trending on Twitter but the social media platform wasn’t raving about his performance. Tweets complained that the beloved comedian had an off night, with even fans saying he wasn’t himself, and others claiming it was a shitty audience. Twitter was brutal but to say he bombed seems like a stretch.

Either way, it’s shocking to see audiences react so negatively to Morgan who has become a beloved cultural icon.

He stumbled on a few words, and maybe rushed things a bit, but otherwise joked about sports, his Walmart truck accident, and his recent fender bender with his brand new Bugatti.

Those who weren’t watching, but saw Morgan trending on Twitter, feared the worst (is this where we are social media?) and were relieved to learn the actor was still alive and breathing and had only been accused of dying on stage.

Did he bomb? Watch and judge for yourself.

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