Watch The Powerful Trailer for Robin Williams’ Last On-Screen Performance

Robin Williams' Last On-Screen Performance

The world lost Robin Williams in August 2014, but his work lives on. The gifted actor and comedian has had multiple films released posthumously. Audiences can now see the trailer for Williams’ final on-screen role, starring in the upcoming film, Boulevard.

Williams stars as Nolan Mack, a man who has worked at the same office for over 25 years with no passion or direction. Nolan’s marriage to Joy is stable, but not fulfilling. On an aimless drive, he meets a young man named Leo, who form a bond that helps Nolan discover himself and changes the course of his life.

Williams’ work in Boulevard has already received rave reviews. Critics have called it “a brilliant performance,” “compassionate, candid, and courageous,” and “one of the best performances of his career.”

Boulevard hits theaters on July 10. Check out the heart-breaking trailer below.

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