Watch the Laugh Factory Video That Pissed Off The Clinton Campaign

laugh factory hillary clinton

Earlier this month, The Laugh Factory posted a video featuring Mike Marino, Dom Irrera, Greg Fitzsimmons, Tiffany Haddish, and Brian Holtzman, poking some fun at Hillary Clinton.

According to, Hillary isn’t laughing and in fact, she’s made attempts to get the video taken down, and asked the Laugh Factory to provide personal information about the comics including their legal names and phone numbers. The Laugh Factory did not comply with the request, nor did they take down the video.

The video which was less than 3 minutes long shared clips of the comics poking fun at Hillary Clinton for her sexual orientation, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, her husband Bill Clinton and her wardrobe. Club owner Jamie Masada told Judicial Watch that he got a phone call threatening him to take down the video or he would be put out of business.

The Clinton campaign has had a sense of humor when it comes to Saturday Night Live and Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Hillary, so the complaints here seem surprising.

Masada told Judicial Watch that he received the call from a “prominent person” inside the campaign team soon after the video was posted complaining that video was distasteful and even implying Masada may have been put up to it, perhaps by a rival campaign.

Masada did not identify the staffer.

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