Vito and Chris Discuss the Final 5 on Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 16

chris and vito


On this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris discuss the final five and the week they had. With an extremely important Veto Competition for Shelby, Jason and Kryssie, it was all on the line. Jason came out victorious and won the Power of Veto. With Jason winning, he was able to take himself off the block, leaving Morgan with only Shelby to put up as the replacement nominee. Now, with Shelby being put up on the block, she is the supposed target this week with Morgan being unable to vote.

Vito and Chris discuss the probable eviction of Shelby and how strong of a game she played. They talk about the possible scenarios to try and get Kryssie out instead of Shelby, which would mean that Shelby and Morgan would have to do a lot of work to try and switch Justin over to vote out Kryssie. In the end, the guys talked about the hope of possibly having Shelby stay, but it is very unlikely. The guys also discuss every possible scenario for each person to have a chance to win the game at the end of it. Vito and Chris also talk about possible guests they would like to have, such as Shelby, when she gets evicted.

The guys also touch upon production and what they feel CBS should bring back for the Big Brother 19 season and who may possibly be on that season from previous casts. They also talk about the possible former players that could be on a future all-star season as well. Vito and Chris also give another Final Four prediction and who they think can win this game and who they hope wins Big Brother: Over The Top. Make sure to tune in to this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany.

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