Louis C.K. Buying His Movie Back From Distributor

Everyone expected Louis C.K. to go into news seclusion for awhile after allegations of sexual misconduct caused film distributor The Orchard to cancel the premiere of Louis’ movie, I Love You Daddy, and shelve its release. But Friday, less than a month after a New York Times expose article sent C.K.’s life and career into a tailspin, the trades reported that Louis is buying back the rights to the film.

The Orchard had purchased the rights to distribute the film at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. The deal was for $5 million, and the company lost money marketing the film and sending out screeners. But reports say that the deal in the works between C.K. and the Orchard will cover all of their costs.

I Love You Daddy was filmed secretly this past summer in New York City and financed by C.K. himself. Chloe Grace Moretz, John Malkovich, Charlie Day, Rose Byrne and C.K. star in the film which is highly controversial for its storyline which revolves around a very young girl falling in love with an older filmmaker.

The film, of course, was shelved after allegations came out in the New York Times and were confirmed by C.K. that he masturbated in front of two young comedians, and on a phone call with a third. HBO, Netflix, FX, and his management team cut ties with him and even past projects were scrubbed from many platforms.

No word on whether or when C.K. would plan to release the film.

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