Toronto’s Dankest Riffing Show Reveals What Comedians Really Think

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Toronto’s Dankest Riffing Show Reveals What Comedians Really Think

Freudian Slip:
1 – (noun) an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.
2 – (noun) an unprecedented live show regarding dank memes and revealing delightfully obnoxious comedians.

On March 23, 2020 at 9:30 PM Freudian Slip, hosted by Arianne Tong, will kick off at Comedy Bar where some of Toronto’s best & up and cu-, I mean, coming comedians will respond off the cuff to memes and other visual terrors that they have never seen before. It’s like a cultural Rorschach test for societies most traumatized demographic. #Relatable. Here are some gems from previous and upcoming shows! You can purchase tickets through the Comedy Bar website!


Bougie B Bouge (@therealbitchpudding): “It looks like Staples jizzed all over her. She might not be worried about STD’s but goddamn those paper cuts.”

Bobbi Summers (@bobbi_channel): “I mean…I would.”

Glenys Marshall (@glenys.marshall): “This reminds me of when I was a teenager, I was blooming – my nipples were like electrical storms. I felt like I could hear storms with them! Now they’re just dead.”

Arianne Tong (@aloha.tong): This is when your wife asks you for a threesome. He’s not happy about it…but it’s all about compromise. That’s a keeper.

Bo Makri (@yourfriendbo): “This is definitely what happens when you masturbate before marriage.”

Allie Pearse (@alliepearsecomedy): “Okay! My summer. Chained to d*ck.”

Kyle Brownrigg (@kylebrownrigg): “This is what happens to sperm when men masburbate. I’m melting.”

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