Toronto’s Comedy Bar Pits Ex vs Ex for Valentine’s Roast Battle

February 14th is for lovers only, but February 15th will be the chance for lovers to get all of that “you failed me on Valentine’s Day” angst out of their system at Toronto’s famed Comedy Bar. So if you’re looking for a less cliche way to celebrate with your sweetheart, head to Comedy Bar for something far more interesting. You don’t need to overpay at an overcrowded restaurant to watch amateur couples fight.  Go see the professionals in this once in a lifetime show of insult comedy.

Who knows you better than your ex-girlfriend-ex-boyfriend? Nobody. The ultimate roast battle will take place when  two ex-lovers enter, and one leaves victorious. Come watch some of the best comedians in the country roast the comedians they used to date. With comedians from Just For Laughs, JFL42, Comedy Network, CBC, and so much more. This show will never be replicated so do not miss a chance to laugh at their heartbreak, and feel better about your own lousy relationship or lack thereof.

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Courtney Gilmour vs Dan Curtis Thompson

Courtney Gilmour- an award winning comedian who has appeared at Just For Laughs, JFL42, Kevin Harts LOL Network, and so much more, taking on her ex-boyfriend Dan Curtis Thompson. Dan has appeared at JFL42 and tours all around Canada with Absolute Comedy.

Dan Curtis Thompson and Courtney have been best friends since 2016 and dated for a year in 2017. Courtney pressured Dan into a relationship for 3 years and managed to get herself out of the friend zone for one year – for someone without arms she sure knows how to twist ’em! Dan broke up with Courtney because he didn’t want to ride her coattails. Courtney was fine with this because that would be too much deadweight for her one leg to carry. Courtney has gone on to perform multiple times at the Just For Laughs Festival, had her own solo show at JFL42 and an award winning one woman show. Dan has gone on to headline a show that he books himself that all four of his friends really wanted to go to but had something else come up. Dan and Courtney don’t really remember meeting, but after they roast each other on the 15th they’ll never forget the last time they ever spoke.

Foad HP vs Sarah Ashby

Foad HP has appeared at Just For Laughs, on CBC, and has written for This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He will be roasting his former hookup Sarah Ashby. Sarah is one of the best roast comedians in the Country. She is a 4 times roast battle champion and has roasted in front of Jeff Ross and Joe Rogan.
Sarah Ashby was very thrilled to be asked to be on Battle Of The Exes and even MORE thrilled to find someone she’s slept with who still talks to her! Sarah first met Foad HP at the Brantford Rising Stars competition where they both advanced to the finals. Foad then went on to produce Comedy Fight Club, a Roast Battle Show in which Sarah became the 3 time reigning champ (they were NOT together during this time don’t you dare take this away from her!). This show they’ll finally answer the question “What really goes down in an Aqurius and Virgo relationship… besides each other?”  Foad HP is a colleague, friend, and booty call of Sarah Ashby’s. They met back in 2013, and it took a whole 6 years before Foad asked Sarah out, because Foad is anything but premature. Foad’s work as been featured on Sarah, in Sarah, and on porn hub, with Sara.

Brendan D’Souza vs Karis Anderson

Brendan D’Souza has appeared at JFL42 and was nominated as the top upcoming male comedian in Toronto. He will be roasting his former boyfriend Karis Anderson. Karis was a finalist in this year’s Comedy Brawl and was also a finalist in the voting for Toronto’s Top Upcoming Male Comedian.
Everyone who met Brendan D’Souza and Karis Anderson told them that you should never date another comedian. Everyone was correct. Brendan and Karis met in the bathroom of a gay bar where Karis told Brendan he was funny and, because he’s easily impressed, Brendan decided he was in love. Brendan and Karis have made people uncomfortable with their PDAs at JFL42, NXNE, and at comedy shows all over the GTA like Good Morning Tonight and Cheers Govna’! After 2 years of never texting Brendan back, Karis decided he’d had enough and broke up with him on New Years Day. Brendan is still bitter about it.

Stephanie Neale vs Jimmer Lowe

Stephanie Neale is amazing comedian who has been played on Sirius XM and is a regular at the Corner Comedy Club. She will be roast battling her best friend Jimmer Lowe. Jimmer is a staple at Toronto’s Second City.
Contrary to popular belief, Jimmer Lowe and Stephanie Neale have not been dating for the past 15 years. After 4 years of high school together, 4 years of University in the same program and 7 years in the school of Life Jimmer and Steph spend most of their days trying to find each other a suitable mate so they don’t have to spend all their time together. Despite Hundreds of Sleepovers, Thousands of Phone Calls and Millions of shots of Jameson together they have only ever been in two fights. After this show it may be three. As best friends Jimmer has been there for Steph through two Devastating Breakups as well as the loss of her father while Steph has been there for Jimmer when his family’s pool heater broke. They are Comedy Life Partners who are going to show their love by annihilating each other on Valentine’s day.

Sebastian Fazio vs His Own Virginity

Sebastian Fazio works regularly at Absolute Comedy and was a finalist in their Prove Your A Comic Competition. He will be roasting his own virginity which is being played by Patrick Fishman. Patrick is a prolific roast battler. Patrick has appeared at Off-JFL and is the host of Tinder Tales.
Sebastian Fazio is the one person still with his roast partner. It’s been with him through his whole 25 years on this planet, and if recent social interactions are any indication, his virginity, played by Patrick Fishman, will be with him for many more years after that. But it doesn’t bother him. He’s just happy he can make it easier on everyone roasting their exes, because unlike him, they found love at one point. Happy Valentines Day!!
Sebastian Fazio’s Virginity is 25 human years old. In virginity years, that’s like 107. He is an old man with a beard. No one taught him how to shave because he was supposed to be long gone before it was an issue. All of the friends he made in Virginity School are dead. He longs to join them, but fears he never will.  At this point, Sebastian Fazio’s Virginity is willing to put his pride aside and panhandle for money to pay for a prostitute, if it means he can finally rest easy. For spending every waking moment with Sebastian Fazio is truly a fate worse than death.

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