Tommy Johnagin Gets CBS Pilot Deal

tommy johnagin pilot

Congratulations to Tommy Johnagin. He has gotten a pilot commitment from CBS to star in a sitcom.

The premise follows the events in Tommy’s life. According to Deadline, the sitcom version of Tommy will be a comedian who is raising a family while living in a small Mid-Western town. In real life, Tommy was one of the few touring comedians that wasn’t based out of L.A. or New York. He lived and traveled in and out of St. Louis, before moving to Los Angeles a few years ago. Tommy’s status as a new dad will come into play as well when he plays a father in the new pilot. It hasn’t been announced if there’s a role for the Johnagin nanny in the new series.

In a recent interview, Tommy talked about working to get a project like this – “It feels like it’s boiling over, and I get closer every year, every few months until I get closer to having my own thing.” Tommy had a development deal with NBC in 2012.

Tommy is working on the new pilot with TV writers, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. That team had just sealed another pilot deal for a TV version of “Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth” based on the book and life of International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield. Bill Lawrence has signed on as executive producer of the Johnagin project. Lawrence created the series, Scrubs and was the co-creator of Cougar Town and Spin City.


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