That Time Doug Stanhope Posed as Johnny Rotten and Got Away With It (as Read by Doug Stanhope)

Back in 2012, Doug Stanhope made “the papers” when he impersonated Johnny Rotten in a radio interview. He got away with it for the full 7 minute pre-taped interview, and he continued to get away with it when the interview aired, and still got away with it when a transcript of the interview ran in the Huffington Post.  In his new book, “This is Not Fame: A Memoir”, Stanhope re-tells the backstory of that interview. And in his brand new audio version of that book, you get to hear it in his own voice.  Listen to the clip below, and get yourself a copy of Stanhope reading his very un-memoir-like memoir.  By his own description, it’s like those great rock and roll memoirs full of tales of bad behavior and fucked up stories, but without the redemption story you usually have to endure two-thirds of the way through.  No redemption story here, at least not yet.

You voted Doug Stanhope’s “This is Not Fame: A Memoir” as the #1 book by a comedian in 2018, but for those of you who didn’t read it because you can’t or won’t read, you can get it on and listen in your car, on the subway, while gardening or while ignoring your kids.  For those of you who would not describe yourselves as “readers” this is a book that might make you rethink your snap judgments about books. And now you don’t even have to read it, because Doug Stanhope and a few close friends are going to read it to you.

An unfiltered, unapologetic, hilarious, and often obscene assemblage of tales from the down-and-dirty traveling comedy circuit, Stanhope describes his search for immediate gratification, dark spectacle, and sometimes just his pants.

Listen to the clip below and read our interview with Stanhope about the new audio book here.


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