The Set with Doug Benson


is known and loved for three things…being funny, loving movies, and getting high.  Lucky for you, you can spend a lot of time watching him do all three.  On his YouTube podcast “Getting Doug With High” you can watch Doug get high and shooting the shit with other comics.  You can see him live, performing stand-up or his famous “Doug Loves Movies” or “The Benson Interruption” stage.  And of course, there’s also five comedy albums, a bunch of television appearances and, oh yeah, he made a movie. We squeezed in a little time with Doug in between all of this to ask a few questions for “The  Set,” our new series of original interviews with great stand up comedians.

IBang: What do you love more. Weed or movies?

Doug Benson: Movies were my first love, but now I’m having an affair with both that will last a lifetime.

IBang:  What do you think is the best movie to watch while high?

Doug Benson:  Any movie is better when high. It doesn’t make a bad movie good, but it certainly makes it more bearable.

IBang: Are there any movies you love that would surprise your audience to find out you liked that movie?

Doug Benson:  I think my audience knows I have eclectic taste, movie wise. Some would be surprised that I like musicals, I guess. Or Speilberg’s “1941.” I mean, I understand that it’s a terrible, over-the-top movie, but I love it.

IBang:  What are some of the movies on your wish list for a Doug Benson Movie Interruption?

Doug Benson:  Anything Swayze or Cruise is great to interrupt. Because they take acting in silly movies very seriously. I was thinking recently that it would be fun to interrupt “Ghost.” But maybe it’s too soon, as we say in the world of jokes.

IBang:  Who would you want to get as a guest on “Getting Doug With High” that would seem impossible either because they don’t get high or wouldn’t get high publicly?

Doug Benson:  President Obama, of course! Maybe after his second term is over.

IBang:  You’ve performed comedy in so many different mediums. Twitter, Standup, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows, Stage, Youtube to name a few. Creatively, which is the most fun for you right now?

Doug Benson:  “Getting Doug With High” is a lot of fun, because it’s finally a show where I’m not only high, I get the guests high as well. And nobody tells me what to do. Jash and the Video Podcast Network have been super cool about just letting me do my thing, for better or worse.

IBang: With all of the things you do, is there ever downtime? What is one thing that you do that has nothing to do with work?

Doug Benson: I like to play poker when the opportunity arises. And sitting in a pool or jacuzzi is nice.

IBang:  Could pot smoking ever lose its fun because it becomes too mainstream?

Doug Benson:  Nope. Alcohol has been legal for years and everybody seems to have a good time on that.

IBang:  You’ve said Choco-lope is the best pot-strain name you’ve heard. What’s the worst?

Doug Benson:  Shit Weed.

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