The Seinfeld/Netflix Nexus Keeps Growing

Seinfeld is coming to Netflix! Now every Netflix user will be able to watch and memorize Seinfeld episodes around the clock because NBC’s biggest comedy will be available to stream starting in 2021.

Jerry already has a strong presence on the platform. He filmed his first special in decades, Jerry Before Seinfeld with the Network and brought his hit kitschy interview series, Comedians in Cars With Coffee to the Platform. He’s also unofficially helped develop shows for the Network including collaborations with Brian Regan and Colin Quinn, and his 2002 documentary, Comedian, is finally digitally available through- of course- Netflix.

The deal to bring Seinfeld to Netflix was actually made through Sony Pictures Television. You’ll have at least five years to watch every episode a few times. Until then, you’ll need a Hulu subscription to watch the episodes, or you can just do what everyone else does- watch episodes on cable in syndication where they seem to be airing almost perpetually.

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