The Best of the Ron and Fez Live Reads on YouTube

There as a time that Ron and Fez’s Live Reads were so legendary that they were collected like vintage baseball cards, so most of the great ones are available on line thanks to listeners who posted them over the years.  Ron and Fez hosted a look back on the best live reads on Wednesday, and we’ve put together the links to them so you can hear them over and over.  A few of them don’t have youtube links but we have a feeling they will be very soon.  Not every advertiser was happy with their R&F live read at the time, but who would complain when your commercials are loved years after they aired?  Enjoy.

i57 Ignite Helter Skelter

Porn Dot Com

no link…yet.

Carbonite: The Carbonite Monster Learns Little Carby has eye cancer

i57 ignite  I Haven’t Slept in Two Weeks! I’ve Never Been This Creative Before/Lord of the Rings

Pajamagram: Do Not Disturb Sign For My Belt

no link…yet.

i57 Ignite Catcher in the Rye

Ashley Madison: Looking for a Woman With Empty Eye Sockets

Vermont Teddy Bear: For Taylor Ham Made Bears

no link….yet

Ashley Madison: What Do Sharks Eat?

no link…yet.

Pajama Gram Sunday Bloody Sunday

Carbonite with Jay Mohr Impressions

no link…yet.

Penny Stock Chaser doododododoododod

no link…yet.

i57 ignite with Earl Douglas

Luminencz makes Ron’s eyes slant; Luminencz front.

Bonus Live Reads!

These weren’t on the Ron and Fez Best Of, but they are available on YouTube.

i57 Ignite Get Whacked

i57 Ignite Competitive Yodeling

i57 Knitting  Needles

i57 Ignite Changed my Life

Ashley Madison

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