The 5: Kathleen Madigan Picks the 5 Most Fun Social Media Accounts to Follow

Comedian Kathleen Madigan is one of the funniest headliners on the planet and she just announced the Fall leg of her tour 2019 HOT DOGS & ANGELS TOUR, presented by SiriusXM, with dates through December 2019. Tickets are available at Madigan continues her nonstop tour playing to diehard fans, new and old, with stops in cities across the country. Says Madigan, “I LOVE the road. I don’t know what would happen if I stayed in one place for more than a week and at this point I’m not sure I wanna find out.” In addition to two one hour specials currently on NETFLIX, she has recently appeared on comedy fan-favorite series This Is Not Happening and Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, with Seinfeld offering “She’s small, practical and fun. She makes a lot of sense, but not too much sense, just enough to be hilarious.

In honor of the announcement, Kathleen shared with us her favorite “5” for this week’s edition of The 5.  They are her picks for the 5 most fun accounts to follow on all of social media.  Enjoy.


#1 TWITTER–GEORGE WALLACE @MrGeorgeWallace. So, so, so funny. Lots of nonsense mixed in with great points. Refreshing break from the usual Irish bar fight that Twitter can be….

#2 TWITTER–BRENT TERHUNE–@BrentTerhune . his videos of his alter ego in his backyard are the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. His Windmill Cancer one is so great….

#3 INSTAGRAM–@realnickswardson ....he’s hilarious and silly. Never fails to make me laugh. And when you see his posts, remember, he’s a 42 year old man. yes, 42. LOL. Particularly funny during football season because he’s a Vikings fan and well, you’ll see the unraveling of a man by mid-November….

#4 INSTAGRAM–@animalsdoingthings ….when I’m hungover, sometimes all I can handle is easy brain stuff. This site is perfect to go “oh look, here’s a kangaroo eating spaghetti and a beagle doing math.”

#5 FACEBOOK–@KerrygoldUSA. Who knew there were this many things to do with butter? THEY DO. If you’re a dairy freak, they’re the best in the world and have fun recipes and an occasional pic of their employee of the month and it’s usually a dairy cow.

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