The 5: Great Holiday Gives For Cigar Smokers


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This Week on the 5: The Non-Smokers Guide to Giving Out Cigar Gifts

There is no greater gift that a cigar smoker can receive than more cigars.  Forget about getting them another lighter, or another fancy accessory that they will either lose or not use.  If you’re afraid to buy them cigars because you don’t know how to pick them,  we can help.

Here’s a few thoughts to help you choose your cigar gifts:  stick to lighter wrappers (not maduro) unless you know specifically that the person you’re buying the gift for prefers dark cigars.  Also, go with mid-size cigars unless you know for sure that your friend likes em really big.  Don’t assume that everyone wants the biggest cigar you can find.

NOTE TO SMOKERS:  We made this list to help non-smokers choose gifts, so you don’t end up getting a box of Te-Amos or acid cigars under the tree this year.  It’s not a list for you hardcore smokers to help you discover something new and great.  We chose 5 great smokes that will appeal to most cigar smokers and be reasonably easy to find.  Want more complex recommendations?  Read our list of “5 Great Cigars from 2011” and definitely check out the cigars listed in the comments section of that post for more recommendations.

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  • Arturo Fuente, Hemingway.  This cigar is loved by all different types of cigar smokers, and you will look like you know what you’re doing when you buy someone the Hemingway.  It’s a great gift and it’s available in eight different sizes, from the short story (just 4 inches long, great for quick smoke) all the way up through the 9 inch masterpiece.  We picked out the Signature size as our favorite but any of them make a great gift.  They retail for about $7 each, you can get a JR Cigar 5 Pack for $33 or really impress with  a box of 25 for about $165
  • My Father Cigars, Flor de Las Antillas.  Another great cigar that appeals to many tastes– its part of the Jose Pepin Garcia family of cigars.  It’s a great every day smoke, that will be an appreciated gift.  And if you follow such things, this cigar was rated #1 by Cigar Aficianado last year.   We picked the Belicoso  but you can choose from several sizes.  About $7 per cigar, and you can get a box of 20 for about $118 to $140 from Famous Smoke, and they also sell a 5 pack for $39.
  • Ashton ESG, Estate Sun Grown.  If you’re looking to get someone a really special cigar– something a little more expensive that maybe they wouldn’t spend on themselves on a daily basis– this is a great pick.  There are five different sizes, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.  This cigar will make your gift, the favorite gift this year.  This one will set you back in the neighborhood of $20-$25 per stick, but even one or two of these is a  gift that will be loved. Famous Smoke has a 5 pack available for around $90.  If you want to be talked about and thanked for years to come, a box will set you back between $400 and $450. Get em at Famous Smoke or JR Cigar online.
  • Tatuaje Havana VI.  The tats have been growing more popular every year, but a lot of shops still don’t carry them.  There are plenty of smokers who have never even tried a Tatuaje and will be happily surprised to try them out.  There are eight variations on the Havana vi.  They retail for about $8 a piece.  You can get a five pack from Famous Cigar for about $33 and a box of 24 for a very reasonable $150.  Order them at Famous Smoke online.
  • El Rico Habano.  Let’s say you need to save money this year but still want to get someone a nice gift.  They are one of the least expensive smokes that is still a quality cigar. A single is about $6, you can get a five pack for only $20 at JR Cigar, and it’s possibly the most affordable box around this year.  A box of 25 as low as $89 at Famous Smoke.

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