Team Hardwick Fights Back Against #MeToo Allegations, Releasing Text Messages From the Chris Hardwick – Chloe Dykstra Break Up

Four days after ’s ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra went public with a post alleging emotional and sexual abuse during the course of their long-term relationship, alleged text messages from their break-up have been released.

TMZ obtained copies of those messages. TMZ doesn’t say where they obtained the texts from, but presumably, they came from Hardwick or someone he knows-  as they seem to favor his statements that hinted that Dykstra might have some sour grapes over their breakup.  Sources close to Hardwick told TMZ that they find it hard to believe Chloe would have been so desperate to reconcile if she had been in an abusive relationship, although it certainly isn’t unheard of for a victim of abuse to become dependant on an abuser.

Sent in July 2014, the texts show Hardwick saying he felt destroyed by the relationship Dykstra was having with someone else.  He says he felt “worthless, replaceable and disrespected” by her choice to be with someone Hardwick works with.  The texts indicated that the two had some on again off again break up negotiations (they reference taking a break) and that Hardwick was choosing to cut things off completely. He accuses her of stringing him along as a “safety net” in case things didn’t work out with the new man she was dating.  Hardwick admitted to his own faults in the text, mostly of working too hard, having poor communication skills, and being insecure.  In the texts Hardwick clearly believes he was the good guy in the relationship who tried hard to make her happy. “You must know that I was your biggest cheerleader and would hold your sweet face in the darkest moments while looking into your eyes and insisting that YES you ARE special and you DO deserve love and good things.”

He told her he just wanted to go their separate ways and assured he would not speak ill of her on stage or the podcast. “I do not plan on contacting you again,” he saysand wants time to heal. “You may never know how sad I am that it got to this point.” He signs the text, Goodbye, Chlo.

The next series of texts are from Chloe asking him to please speak to her, repeatedly. One text has her saying, “I’m sure I’ll always regret this.”  She ends saying “Goodbye hot guy.”

Seven months later, another series of texts from Dykstra asking if they can ever be okay, and saying she hopes things are awesome with him.

You can read the texts here.

In a post on, Dykstra alleged an excessively controlling relationship with the Nerdist founder and comedy power house, and accused him of sexual assault- demanding sex nightly whether she wanted to participate or not. The fall out from her allegations was swift with Nerdist distancing themselves from the company founder, and AMC unlatching from the popular talk show host.  NBC had yet to make a decision whether to fire Hardwick from the network gameshow The Wall, but notified press that they were investigating the situation.

No public response from Dykstra yet, and she had said she would be stepping away from Twitter after her public #MeToo assertions.

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