Randy Sklar Finds Lice in Rory Scovel’s Beard This Week on Those Who Can’t

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Last week on truTV’s Those Who Can’t Susie Essman terrified High School graduates everywhere, sending them into a PTSD-ish  reversion back to their own Drill Sargeant Home Ec teachers from decades ago. This week, it gets worse. Randy Sklar guest stars as Dr. Green, who is brought in to deal with a lice outbreak where ground zero is Principal Quinn’s beard. Quinn, played by Rory Scovel can’t lose his precious beard and is gripped with fear.

Watch this exclusive clip from this week’s Those Who Can’t where Quinn’s fear leads him to do something no sane man would do– put Loren in charge of a major lice containment project.

Those Who Can’t stars creators Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Overdahl, joined by some of our favorite funny people including Rory Scovel and Maria Thayer, and an amazing group of guest stars like Essman, T.J. Miller, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Peter Stormare and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs).

Those Who Can’t airs Thursday nights at 10:30pm on TruTV. Watch the exclusive clip from this week’s episode.

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