Sarah Silverman Says She’s Not Going to Tell Comedians What They Can and Can’t Say

TMZ caught up with Sarah Silverman looking for her take on Kevin Hart stepping down from the Oscars and Nick Cannon defending Hart by calling out Sarah and others. She says she’s thinking about putting out a video of her own addressing the entire controversy but did share a few thoughts with the TMZ crew. First of all, she said she’s done using phrases like “that’s so gay” in her comedy and in her life. There’s other ways to be funny, she said. “I heard myself and I realized I was like the guy who said “what, I say colored, I have colored friends, and I realized it was stupid.”

But she’s not interested in telling other comics what they should and shouldn’t say. “Comedians don’t like to be told what to do, ” she said. “Anyone should express themselves as they see fit, and if there’s consequences, that’s part of it.”



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