Roseanne Spinoff May or May Not Put Money in Barr’s Pocket


Interest is high in a possible spinoff moving forward without involvement from herself. ABC obviously has an interest in getting back some fraction of the hit show they canceled after Barr’s racist tweet shocked the world, and everyone who worked for the show but had nothing to do with that tweet would love to have a well-paying hit show to return to. And the reboot’s high ratings suggests that the audience would also like to see some element of the show continue on.

The idea that Barr- who created the series and the characters- could profit from a reboot remains a stumbling block to any spinoff continuing on without her. But Page Six has learned that Barr is considering an agreement that would prevent her from profiting from a spinoff to help grease the wheels of a green light. A source told the entertainment news outlet that Roseanne is in Utah with her parents, and feels so bad about the fallout of her Twitter comments that she is upset about all the people who lost their gig when Roseanne was canceled and considering possible ways to help including cutting herself out of profiting from a reboot spinoff focusing on other characters. The source added, “Barr holding on is a stumbling block.”

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