Ronnie B Quotes: The Game


As the Show comes to an end, and Fez Whatley rides off into the retirement sunset we wanted to honor a great man, with great quotes.  No, not Fez Whatley, we’re talking about the one and only .

The tradition started when Wackbag’s own LiddyRules started the infamous Ron Bennington’s Line of the Day, a true treasure trove of the greatness of Ronnie B. That tradition was picked up by @RonnieBQuotes where lines under 140 characters could be memorialized and enjoyed for at least a short period of time.  We’ve taken quotes from 2014-2015 to see if you can correctly figure out the missing word.  Be careful there are some decoy phrases hiding amongst the correct answers.  Good luck.

After you master the Ronnie B Quotes Quiz, take our Beginners Ron and Fez Side Characters Quiz, and then see if you are up to the challenge to take the Expert Level Ron and Fez Side Characters Quiz.

Play other and here.


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