Rick and Morty Live Orchestra Experience at Adult Swim Fest With Help From OpenMike Eagle, John Roberts and More

This weekend, Adult Swim’s first ever Adult Swim music and comedy festival  brought the channel’s fans a ton of live performances and experiences. Run The Jewels, Mastodon, Neko Case, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Hannibal Buress, and many others were on hand. There was a ‘Smack Up My Uvula’  obstacle course, and a Meatwad Dome.

There was also a not-soon-to-be-forgotten Rick and Morty event. Rick and Morty have become the tentpole for Adult Swim– kind of like what Impractical Jokers did for truTV. To celebrate the series gigantic success, the Season Three’s Rickshank Redemption was paired up with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra for a really special screening.  We weren’t there, but we did catch some Instagram video of the unique event.

OpenMike Eagle and Father took the stage for a performance of “Get Schwifty”,  and John Roberts came out for “Terryfold.”

Scroll through Carlos_Andrew12’s Instagram pages to see John Roberts, and Mike Eagle and more.

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Read more comedy news.