Reddit Troll Now Out of Work

The Reddit troll outed by Gawker, it now out of work. He was fired by his financial services company, leaving him jobless and his disabled wife without health insurance. The firing came not even 24 hours after the story hit on Gawker. Reddit General Manager Erik Martin has gone on to say that banning Gawker links from Reddit was a mistake and has re-allowed it. ViolentAcrez had this to say:

“I’m eligible [for insurance], but COBRA is very expensive. Who can afford to pay 5 times as much for insurance at the very moment they lose their income? Only rich folks can afford COBRA. I have maybe 3 weeks pay in the bank. I just hope I can hold out a month. My wife hasn’t been able to work for over a year, and our savings will last about 3 weeks, not considering the current lack of health insurance.”

Maybe there’s a subreddit for out of work trolls that he can jump into.