Read Dave Chapelle’s Advice for Will Smith About How To Do Stand Up


When Will Smith asked Dave Chappelle for advice on how to do stand up comedy, Chappelle gave him three tips. Confidence is key, pick the right shit to talk about, and be interesting all of the time.

The advice came as Smith was preparing to tape an episode of his podcast,  “Will Smith’s Bucket List.”  The idea behind the podcast is for Will to go out and try crazy things. Like sky-diving, and stand up comedy. He said the idea of doing stand  up terrified him more than anything else he tried. Smith said when he decided to try performing comedy, the only person he wanted to reach out to for help was Dave Chappelle, who he called “the master.”

“The first thing I’d tell you is – confidence is key. The reason you should be confident is primarily because you’re Will Smith,” Dave advised.  I’ve been watching you [Will Smith} for years. You’re actually a funny dude. I’ve spoken to you before, you’re a great conversationalist. Because what else do you really need? All you need to do is pick the right shit to talk about.”  But the best advice he had to offer, he says he got from a comedian who wasn’t even good at comedy. “He said, ‘you are one of these comedians that think you have to be funny all of the time, and you don’t, but you do have to be interesting all the time.”

The adventures continue on WILL SMITH’S BUCKET LIST with a new episode dropping Wednesday, March 13 at 9am PT/12pm ET on Facebook Watch.

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