Pure Chaos on Chris Gethard Mid Season Finale with a Tortoise Named Sid

Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas made their triumphant return to The Chris Gethard Show last night, and the result was one of the most chaotic episodes you’re going to see this year- maybe ever. If you’re a long time fan of The Chris Gethard Show like we are, or you just want to see a late-night talk show host completely lose control over his audience, you gotta see this weeks episode.

It’s off the rails even by The Chris Gethard Show standards. Why? Paul and Jason and a tortoise named Sid. Take a peek at what happened when Paul, Jason, and Sid hijacked the show, in this extended clip from the episode.

The Chris Gethard Show returns to truTV for 10 all-new, all-LIVE episodes in March 2018.

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