Pete Davidson. Castrated.

Pete Davidson is featured in the new “break the internet” issue of Paper magazine, and chose to go dickless for a photo shoot.

Davidson came up with the concept for the photoshoot with Tommy Dorfman who also interviewed him for the mag. It was Dorfman who had the idea that the SNL star should pose as a Ken doll, representing the way he felt tabloids have manipulated Pete. But Davidson wanted to go darker, touching on his bouts with depression. Dorfman described the final image as a “Staten Island Ken Doll version of Pete stuck in a Barbie nightmare, pills everywhere. “You’d be like depressed Ken,” he told Davidson.

It was Davidson who took it next level again, finding Ken’s lack of genitals fitting.

The interview covers Davidson’s now infamous dating life, something the promises will be changing going forward, and becoming much less public, his feelings about his ex-Ariana Grande, and his upcoming weed-based business venture. Read the full interview at

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