People are Asking: Does Dancing With The Stars Have a Problem With Women?

Four women eliminated from Dancing with the Stars in four weeks. It’s 2018. Whatever happened to the year of the woman- its not happening in sparkly dresses and high heels.  ABC audiences are not on the #timesup train, voting overwhelmingly for men on the silly but popular show.

Although still a top rated show, ratings are down on Dancing With the Stars this year and the women are dropping like flies. We were all disappointed when Nikki Glaser got sent home in week one. Seeing a comedian dance handle ballroom could have given us something new to talk about on the sidewalks outside of comedy clubs for weeks. Once Nikki was gone, so were we, but Glaser getting booted out quickly after an embarrassing gaffe by host Tom Bergeron (blamed on Nikki), left us with a bad taste in our mouths. pointed out that in week one, the bottom 5 were all women, and this week asks “More importantly, why are the female celebrities dropping like flies?”

The Orlando Sentinal says Joe “should have been gone the first week, but viewers have dropped four women celebrities in a row: comedian Nikki Glaser, Paralympian Danelle Umstead (who is blind), “Facts of Life” star Nancy McKeon and Tinashe.”

So Whats Up ABC? Why are all the ladies getting booted while America’s favorite clueless grocery bagger lives on?  Is it the viewer voting that’s pushing out women or is it the judges commentary driving the S.S. KickOuttheWomen?  It’s not just the judges, reports from last night’s show are saying they were stunned by last night’s results.

Nikki isn’t perfection on the dance floor, it’s true, but if Grocery Joe had been injured in week one, we’re pretty sure the judges would have made a few excuses for him and generated some excitement his way.

There’s only one way to solve this. #BringBackNikki and lets get a reboot.


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