Penn and Teller Show America the Oldest Trick in the Book

Penn and are back in New York and they’ve got a show on Broadway. Not an easy trick to pull off, since they have big commitments in Vegas.  For their New York, they’ve brought some amazing material, that’s never been performed outside of Vegas.  A few new things, a few old things, it’s a celebration of forty years of an amazing partnership.  They even make vanish an elephant disappear on stage which hasn’t been done in New York since Houdini.

Penn said he and Teller had never actually seen a magician pull a rabbit out of their hat, despite the cliche. Penn said that its a pretty hard trick, plus top hats are kind of passe, and live rabbits are living creatures and all that.  But just because a trick is old doesn’t mean it isn’t great as , and Jimmy prove in this clip.

Hey rocky…..


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