Oh Great, Will Smith’s Hooked on Performing Stand Up

Will Smith has already done just about everything possible in the entertainment field- comedic acting, dramatic acting, television, movies, singing, rapping, performing, producing, writing and so on.  Now he’s added stand up comedy to his resume, and we don’t know whether it will stick, but if it does, you can be sure The Smith Family will all have Netflix specials in a year.

Smith performed at a private surprise pop up helmed by Dave Chappelle at West Hollywood’s Peppermint Club Wednesday night with the likes of Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Katt Williams, Michelle Wolf, Michael Che and LeBron James.   Donnell Rawlings, Ashley Barnhill and Mohammed Amer also performed.

But don’t expect this to be long term, Will’s got a lot more on his to do list before he starts looking for stage time.

Smith, who mostly talked about his home life, wrote on his Instagram that he’s hooked. According to the L.A. Times, Smith said he took the plunge because performing stand up was on a bucket list for him. His performance was filmed for a show he’s creating about crossing items off his bucket list. As you might imagine, Will Smith’s bucket list is a little different from yours. That’s what happens when you have everything. The LA Times says next week he will be bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon from a helicopter.


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