Myq Kaplan Performs Stand Up on Late Late Show

New York comedian Myq Kaplan performed stand up on James Corden’s Late Late Show Thursday night. Mike doesn’t believe in ghosts or podcasts, but he does know how to use both to get laughs. Mike says he had a psychic on his podcast, who predicted Chicago was going to be important to him, that his friend Rose might be in trouble, and he’s going to meet a dog named Fred. He decided that if even one of those things happened, he would start believing in psychics. If you want to find out how that all worked out for him, check out his Late Late Show performance in the clip below.

Since making his network television debut on the Tonight Show when Conan was hosting, Myq has been a regular on the late night circuit.

Kaplan just released his fourth album, No Kidding, in February. On his follow up to ‘Small, Dork and Handsome’, Myq unleashes some spot-on impressions, the wittiest of wordplay and thoughts on drinking, sex, family, money, drugs, Nicolas Cage, psychic predictions, kids and back to drugs again. While ‘No Kidding’ is pure Myq’s comedic style, fans may notice an evolution in that style as he ventures into more long-form comedy. As the Boston Globe notes in a recent review, “his act isn’t just a series of one-liners anymore.” Myq Kaplan: No Kidding is available now on iTunes.

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