Moontower Comics Tell Us Who and What to See This Weekend

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Moontower is in full swing and it is every bit the comedy camp that you’ve heard people say it is.  We’ll have a full follow up after the festival ends, but so far, some highlights:  have been seeing Maria Bamford bring down the house at the Paramount Theater with a seriously strong opening line up of Erin Foley who killed and Jackie Kashian who absolutely destroyed.  We got to see Martha Kelly, who you know and love on FX’s Baskets — amazing– and we had so much fun at watching Ian Abramson’s 7 Minutes in Purgatory where comics like ‘ and Langston Kerman be charming, hilarious and so much fun, performing from a secret location via live video, where they could not hear or see the audience.  Canadian favorite Debra DiGiovanni made a huge impression on everyone at Ari Shaffir’s This is Not Happening, looking forward to seeing more of her this weekend, and Goddamn Comedy Jam was a full on party with Dan Soder, Ari Shaffir and Brad Williams seen moshing for Big Jay.  Speaking of Big Jay and Dan Soder, we caught a taping of the Bonfire today, and got to see the guys go full cowboy in hats, and shirts, coming out on stage to Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.  They welcomed guests Ari Shaffir, Joe DeRosa and

Of course Moontower is well known for being a bit of comedy camp for comics too who get to see their friends shows, and enjoy the local culture. Ari Shaffir went kayaking while Soder and Oakerson were shopping for hats and such, and everyones got a show they can’t wait to go see.  Amy Hawthorne talked with 7 of the best comedians here at Moontower and asked them who they want to see.  So if you’re in Austin and undecided about who and what to check out, this might help you make some choices.   And there’s also our picks of the 10 Must See Shows at Moontower, of course.

Joe List:

Personally, I’m excited to see Matteo Lane. Great hang and does the best Joe Machi impression in the biz, just a sweet sweet man. Professionally I wanna see Kindler because he’s real real funny and a whackadoo and he stands real funny while he’s telling jokes. And of course Dan Soder, this guy brings the heat every time and he’s got a great dick and he’s standing right next to me.

Dan Soder:

I’m excited to see Martin Short. And of course Joe List, Mark Normand, Ari Shaffir, Big Jay Oakerson, Joe Derosa and all my friends

Ari Shaffir:

I’m here for the journalists. No, I would have liked to have seen Martin Short. I’m really just wandering around and checking out shows. Like I got done last night and saw Comedy Jam was on, so I just went in and it was goooood.

Fahim Anwar:

I’d really like to see David Cross. I’m happy to see Jon Rudnitsky, he’s been in New York for a while and also Hasan Minhaj.

Annie Lederman:

I’m excited to see my agent, he hasn’t called me back in a really long time.

Chris Cubas:

I wanna see Kurt Metzger because he makes me laugh really hard and I wanna see Nick Mullen because he’s a piece of shit and makes me feel better about myself.  We were roommates and he paid our rent for a really long time. I was always late on the rent. But he was a maniac, he’d show up at 9 am the next day, kick open the door and say something cray like “Slept in a graveyard!” or “Angry mob!” and then go to sleep on the couch.

Nick Mullen:

Norman Wilkerson and his two children named after Liberatarianism – Cato Institute Wilkerson and No Seatbelts Open Carry Wilkerson.
Moontower continues through tomorrow night with over 40 shows left.

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