Matteo Lane Performs Stand Up on the Late Show Wednesday Night

We adore Matteo Lane and have since the first time we saw him perform. Last night, he performed a set on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. Introduced as a former Opera singer, yes he got a few notes in, yes he spoke Italian, and he looked fabulous.   Of course had a tremendous set talking about dating in Italy vs America, and the hazards of getting coffee at Starbucks, #potato.“Here’s the thing…..When you hear potato, you stop writing on the cup.”  

Matteo’s description of an American date is dead on and crosses the gay/straight division 100%, and there may be nothing funnier than the difference between one gay person at work vs two gay people working together.

Last summer Matteo made his late night debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and you’ve also seen him on Guy Code, Joking Off, Ladylike, New York’s Funniest, and he’s a Goddamn Comedy Jam super star too.

We love him, you’ll love him, oh and he’s single!

Follow Matteo on Twitter @matteolane and learn more about him on his edition of our “Up Next” photo series.

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