Manny Pacquiao Trains To Be Wrestler With Some Help From Garry Shandling


Manny Pacquiao has his boxing gloves into everything. Politics, basketball and of course, boxing. He wants to expand his empire and enter the world of pro wrestling. It’s a way for him show all the skills that he doesn’t get to showcase in the ring. With the help of his wrestling coach, Chet Carmichael, Manny is on his way.

A lot of being a professional wrestler is personality. Manny has the physical skills, but does he have the showmanship to become “The Man-ny”. That’s where Manny and his coach bring in an expert, Garry Shandling. He may not get Manny ready for the ring, but he does get him prepared to do some crowd work.

Watch Manny Pacquiao train for his wrestling ring debut in a new short from Funny or Die. He can make it with Garry Shandling’s help as long as he doesn’t get distracted.

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