Louis C.K. Performed His First Hour Since Scandal… and He Did it in Paris

There were no hecklers or protesters present as Louis C.K. made his first long form return to the comedy stage last night. It was the comedian’s first hour on stage since admitting to sexual misconduct allegations last fall. And he did it, in Paris France, where his new girlfriend is from.

Okay so that’s really two headlines. Yesterday Louis C.K. confirmed that he’s in a romantic relationship with 41 year old French actress and stand up comedian Blanche Gardin. She’s got a Netflix special, Je Parle Toute Seule (translated as I Talk to Myself).

He reportedly received a warm welcome at the Le Theatre de L’oeuvre at a show that was only announced early yesterday. Although C.K. has jumped up on stage at clubs, this is his first publicized theater hour since he stopped performing last November. It wasn’t a planned hour, C.K. was the main act on a showcase show called “New York Comedy Night” and was expected to do 20 minutes, but that turned into 70 and there were no reports of any complaints.

Some of his material made mention of his situation- not apologetic, just commentary about his experiences over the last year. He talked again about losing $35 million in an hour, and referenced a lot of “trouble in the PR department” in the past year. He confirmed that he’s dating a French woman (Gardin) and joked that in France, “any shitty American is welcome.”

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