Leslie Jones Shits on the Ritz: “THEY DON’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE”

Nope. This is not a story about Saturday Night Live‘s Leslie Jones shitting on a cracker so all of you fetishists move on.

But yesterday, Jones did make the gossip sites for bitching about the way she was treated by the Ritz-Carlton after she hosted the BET awards this weekend. Jones was posting on Twitter about the great time she had hosting the annual awards show, but it seems her weekend was ruined by her stay at the Ritz. “DO NOT STAY THERE”, Jones warned her followers about the Los Angeles Ritz-Carlton, “THEY DON’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!”

The Ritz Carlton has written back that they are sorry to hear she had a bad experience and the hotel wants to help clear up any problems.

It makes sense that the Ritz would want to clear things up quickly. Jones and her 700,000 strong following has been known to stir things up using Twitter, and companies can suffer serious PR damage from tweets.  It was almost exactly a year ago that the outspoken comic caused major upheaval when she had trouble with designers who were declining to dress her for the premiere of last summer’s comedy movie Ghostbusters. And when Jones was targeted on Twitter with racist remarks later last summer, tens of thousands tweeted support with the #loveforleslie hashtag.

The new tweet comes only one day after Jones aired a funny pre-recorded bit on the BET Awards, warning her younger self to stay off Twitter.  In the sketch, Jones ran into her 1994 self behind the Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles where she used to work and gave herself the advice, “Don’t get on Twitter, and stop taking those naked pictures!”

Jones has yet to elaborate on her comment, but you can expect to hear more today, Leslie isn’t the shy type.


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