Last Comic Standing Wraps Up Invitational Rounds With 10 More Advancing

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Last night, wrapped up the invitational rounds with 15 more comedians performing.  The strangest moment of last nights episode pitted  Norm Macdonald against New York comic for comparing the Bible to Harry Potter.  Norm said that if you’re going to take on a religion, you’d better know what you’re talking about, and said that J.K. Rowling is a Christian, prompting a “huh?” from .  But it didn’t keep Harrison down, he’s one of the 10 comics from last night’s show moving forward to the Semi Finals. Joining Harrison Greenbaum are Amir K, , Angelo Tsarouchas, Melanie Camarcho, , Mia Jackson, , and

Here’s the joke by the way that annoyed Normie Mac.  LCS didn’t post Norm’s response but you can hear a bad recording of it here.

It was no secret who the performance of the night belonged to.  The audience clear favorite, Clayton English was also Roseanne’s favorite performer of the night, and our pick for the best set this week.  The Altanta comedian has already had a few movie roles, and undoubtably has a big future ahead of him which may include a top ten spot. Well, if it were up to us, we’d put him in the top ten but with Last Comic Standing, you never know.  You can watch his set here.

That brings the total number of comedians moving on to the Semi Final round to 41.  Now with four invitational rounds out of the way, our earlier pick for best set of the invitational rounds still stands– nobody has beat Joe List’s set so far, and if he doesn’t make the top 10, we’re tapping out.  We’re also keeping our eye on Ms. Pat, , Clayton English, Michael Palascak, , , Mehran Khagani, and  as frontrunners for the top 10 comics, at least based on their sets in the invitational rounds.

If the Judges decide to do a ‘bring back’ this year, shout out to Junior Stopka,who we’re picking as the best set overlooked in the invitational rounds. Come on judges, squeeze him in.

Here’s your final 41. Next week, Last Comic Standing moves on to the Semi Finals.  Congratulations to everyone who is moving forward.

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